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This is to notify the public in general - on behalf of Save Life Foundation, I - Mrs Madhupriya Bose (Secretary) would like to convey that some people are collecting money for the help of Cancer patients using the name of our Organization. We are a NGO, working on Highway Rescue Project within the geographical area of West Bengal and based in Kolkata. We are not responsible for this malpractice though these people are using our website address in their identity cards. We do not have any relation with these people and their work. These frauds - if found in future, anywhere in India, need to be handed over to the Police immediately.

About Us

Save Life Foundation & Highway Rescue Project

Save Life Foundation is a Kolkata based NGO which is operating independently the “Highway Rescue Project” in West Bengal. Save Life Foundation Launched HRP in West Bengal on 23rd July, 2007, with knowhow from Varodara based internationally reputed NGO Life Line Foundation, who is the pioneer of the concept of this “Highway Rescue Project”, in India. At the very beginning, SLF of West Bengal was assisted and guided by Life Line Foundation. A MOU was signed between Save Life Foundation and Life Line Foundation to carry the project forward over a period of three years (2007 – 31st March 2010) and during these three years Life Line Foundation will source corporate partners and provide technical knowhow to Save Life Foundation. After that Save Live Foundation will work independently with own source of fund.
We are registered U/S 12AA of the I.T Act, 1961(the Trust Deed registered on 10.12.2004) Indian Trust Act 1982 with West Bengal Book No. IV , Vol No. 98, Deed No.5326/ 2004 U/S 80G(5)IV of the I.T. Act 1961 DIT(E) / 1156 /dated 16.12.2009 shall be deemed to be extended in perpetuity unless specifically withdrawn.
None of the Trustees or Advisors of Save Life Foundation draw any benifits or reimbusment from the Trust.
Govt. of West Bengal Health & Family Welfare Department in association with Save Life Foundation presently operating “HRP”on NH-2, NH-6, NH-60, NH-41, Digha Expressway(NH-116B) and NH-34 (Barasat to Krishnanagar bus terminars ) with our 24 X 7 control room in Kolkata.
Roll of Save Life Foundation - Save Life Foundation is organizing First Aid and CPR training workshop in order to provide more trained and skilled hands at the site of injury. Orthopaedic Association West Bengal and Indian Society for Anesthesiologists’, West Bengal state Branch are joining hands with Save Life Foundation to aware the community through various training workshop in association with Govt. of west Bengal Health & family welfare Department. The skill based training is performed on manikins to facilitate the up gradation of existing trauma care system and emergency medical service in association with WB Orthopaedic Association and Indian Society for Anaesthesiologists'. Seminar on “Emergency medical services” is also organized to imbibe modern technique and share the national and international experiences from the expertise on “EMS” ROAD SAFETY SLF Organizing “Awareness programme on Road Safety” for Drivers, Helpers, School Children, General people etc. Idea of such program is to create the awareness of complying the rules & regulations as prescribed in the concerned Law. The term Road safety is an indication of how safe individual users are on some particular road. The main danger to road users is the likelihood of a traffic collision. Such dangers can be reduced by individual road users operating cautiously and defensively. EDUCATE GENERAL MASS “Educate Local communities” i.e. educating & Training local villagers, Service men at Dhabas, Restaurants & Petrol pump attendants on the highway about awareness to take care of their own emergency problems & reduce outside dependence. Future Activities of Save Life Foundation in West Bengal would be Launching of HRP on NH-34 Krishnanagar to Baharampur – 91 km,. Baharampur To Malda – 163 KM., and finally Malda to Dalkhola – 103 KM.


Driving sense

  • Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking
    in a wrong manner
  • Over Speeding & Overloading
  • Drunken Driving, Distraction to drivers
  • Red light jump
  • Lack of tail lights or reflectors
  • Wrong signaling at night
  • Tanker sloshing
  • Pedestrians on toll roads

Other Causes

  • Unmanned level crossings
  • T bursts
  • Animal driven carts
  • Changing lanes without checking blinds spots
  • Ignoring essential auto maintenances.
  • Avoiding safety gears like Seat Belts and Helmets.
  • Bad Road conditions.
  • Pedestrians on toll roads.
  • Bad weather condition

Some Important Cautions to be taken in Highway

Normal Road

  • Not to lose attention and stay focused on the driving.
  • Take breaks frequently or as required and get adequate rest before long trips.
  • Avoid using cell phones.
  • Slow down in Rainfall, Fog, Poor visibility.
  • Signal, Check Mirror, use quick glance.
  • Make lane changes gradually.
  • Obey traffic signs
  • Limit speeds.
  • Keep safe distance with front vehicles.
  • Do weekly maintenance check.
  • After every 15000 km run the brake pads
    should be replaced.

Hilly Road

  • Do not drive on hilly roads, being apt driver.
  • Follow the speed limits and reduce the speed turns always when driving.
  • Always be attentive and avoid distractions like stereos etc.
  • Always give priority to uphill traffic by giving it
  • Never drive in hills under the influence of
  • Do not overtake on turns, curves and bridges.
  • Do not overload the vehicle.
  • Avoid using clutch pedal at turns and hairpin bends.
  • Do not run vehicle on neutral while driving
    down hill.
  • Always blow horn on turns.